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We support complex international projects through financing, export credits and insurance. Buyers of goods and services from the UK can also benefit from longer repayment tenors than may otherwise be available.

Project financing

Through our Buyer Credit and Supplier Credit facilities, UKEF offers financial guarantees to banks, where they may otherwise be unwilling to lend. This gives real reassurance to all sides of international trade deals, and allows overseas buyers to benefit from the UK’s credit rating.

We’re flexible: we provide support in over 60 local currencies and work within a wide variety of contractual and finance structures. These include lines of credit, limited recourse project financing, public-private partnerships and Shariah-compliant (Islamic Sukuk) finance.

Where banks can’t or won’t offer support, our Direct Lending facility lends directly to overseas buyers or brokers alternative fixed-rate source of funding.

Support to fulfil contracts

UKEF can help exporters and their direct suppliers in fulfilling their contracts either through the provision of working capital or by providing support for the issuance of contract bonds.

Insurance for UK exporters

If you’re working in challenging markets, our insurance products let you manage risk, where the private market is unable to step in. UKEF’s Export Insurance Policy and Bond Insurance Policy cover you in the event of non-payment or demand for payment under a bond, which is either unfair or caused by political events.

UKEF premiums

We can give you an indicative premium rate for medium or long-term transactions, where we will be supporting an overseas sovereign buyer as the risk entity.

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