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How we assess your project

We assess the eligibility of all potential transactions before terms are drawn up. We understand that no two transactions are alike, so you should treat this as indicative guidance of UKEF’s processes. Please contact our team to discuss our eligibility requirements in more detail.

The parties involved

You will need to provide details about:

  • your organisation
  • who you’re buying from or selling to
  • the bank or other financial institutions involved – including any other export credit agencies

The financial scope

You will need to provide details about the projected size of your transaction: this is an important factor in deciding whether we can support it. We'll also need to understand how long the delivery or construction period will be, along with the desired repayment period.

Due diligence

We'll need to understand how the contract was awarded, including any use of third parties or agents, and will require Anti-Bribery and Corruption declarations from counterparties to the transaction. We may be unable to support the transaction if sanctions have been imposed on any of the countries or counterparties involved in the transaction. We'll also consider the environmental, social, and human rights impact of the project.

For projects in lower-income countries, we will also require a recommendation from the Department for International Development as to whether the project is in line with the OECD Sustainable Lending Principles.

UK content requirements

We understand the need for flexibility when overseas buyers are considering procurement and sourcing options, so we can support contracts where up to 80% of the content is sourced from outside the UK. We also help overseas buyers access the UK supply chain to maximise the level of UK content within the project.

Contact us about your project.

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