The UK’s export credit agency

Achieve more with our flexible finance

UK Export Finance (UKEF) works with banks to provide flexible, innovative, and competitive financing solutions. We support UK exporters, international project sponsors and buyers of UK goods and services.

What we offer

We activate the UK supply chain, connecting overseas project sponsors and buyers with UK exporters, through government-backed financing.

UKEF cooperates with many other export credit agencies (ECAs), allowing us to collaboratively support international project financing needs.

We know that every opportunity is different, and finding the right financial structure can be the key to success.

How we can help you

Our medium and long-term financing solutions are tailored to each transaction, but working with UKEF typically follows these steps.

Exploring financing options

If you are unable to obtain support from your bank, or if the cost is too high, you can work with them to explore financing options with UKEF.

Examining eligibility

UKEF support is on a first come first serve basis subject to country limits, and to meeting eligibility criteria. These include minimum risk standards, UK content, anti-bribery and corruption and due diligence around environmental, social and human rights standards.

Negotiating terms

The terms of the transaction will be negotiated with UKEF and the bank in the documentation process. This can take some time, depending on the complexity of the project.

Securing finance

Once documentation and draw-down specifics are agreed, you are ready to access UKEF’s support for your international business opportunity.

About us and our services

What we offer you

We can offer lending, guarantees, and insurance to help make international projects happen.

How we assess your project

How we assess the eligibility of all potential transactions, including our UK content requirements.

Check our country cover

Our market risk appetite and information on the countries we cover.

Speak to us

Our teams are located in UK embassies, high commissions and consulates in cities around the world.