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About this marketplace

Sift & Pick is an omnichannel, online marketplace started in 2018 centred around letting shoppers discover brands and products that are original and of uncompromising quality.

Built by shoppers for shoppers, every product is lovingly handpicked by working directly with brand owners and designers, allowing Sift & Pick to bring authentic, under-the-radar designer goods closer to individuals.

Sift & Pick now partners with more than 400 global brands to carry over 15,000 fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. For more information, visit

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Who else sells here?

Anchor & Crew, Gepherrini, Goodordering, Hawkins & Brimble, Marhen J.Huygens, Sandqvist, Stighlorgan

E-commerce adviser tip

Singapore is a small, but wealthy city-state with an open and trade-driven economy. It’s a leading financial, shipping and trade hub for the Asia Pacific region, and the government has a pro-business economic and trade policy. In the year to March 2019, the UK exported £8.8bn of goods and services to Singapore (ONS, 2019).

It is ranked by the World Bank as the second easiest place in the world to start, run and do business (World Bank, 2019). You can set up a new business in a matter of hours. Singapore has a stable government, strong rule of law and effective regulatory system.

Common business environment with the UK, the UK and Singapore share a common language and have strong historical ties. Both economies have similar business and legal practices and share similar technical standards.

Gateway to Asia Pacific, Singapore’s location makes it a gateway to South East Asia and Asia Pacific. It is the UK’s largest trading partner in South East Asia (ONS, 2019), making it a good place from which to seek business opportunities in the wider region.

UK brands already trading from Sift Pick include Anchor & Crew and Hawkins & Brimble.

About the customers

Young Singaporean & Malaysian working adults aged 25-35 years, and trend setting millennials who desire good value for money products, with cutting edge design and which inspire a modern way of living.

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9:30am to 6:30pm (GMT+7), Monday - Friday

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Marketing and merchandising

Support in product selection and dedicated marketing packages is offered to companies.

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Open times

9:30am to 6:30pm (GMT+7), Monday - Friday

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