Online Marketplaces

Why online marketplaces?

56% of global ecommerce sales take place on online marketplaces. By 2027, they will be the largest and fastest-growing retail channel globally and the sector will be worth over $5tn. If you are not selling on online marketplaces, you are missing out on a huge portion of the market. Conversely, those that leverage these platforms effectively have enormous potential to drive sales and generate growth. Selling via marketplaces can also be a fast, low risk way to understand and enter new markets. Let us help you export your products to consumers around the world through marketplaces, by connecting you to our marketplace partners all over the world. 

[Data source: 2022 Future of Marketplaces Report from Edge by Ascentialopens in a new tab]

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How we can help you

Finding and understanding international online marketplaces takes time and effort, which is why we've done the hard work for you. Explore our Marketplace Partnerships Guide to find new channels to grow your ecommerce business overseas. Our guide provides you with an overview of more than 30 marketplaces, including both B2B and B2C opportunities, and covers most product categories and countries.

How to learn and apply

The guide provides a high-level overview of each marketplace, including key requirements, marketing options and need-to-know information like logistics and tax. Using the links in the guide, you can apply to the marketplaces that interest you. If you would prefer to have a chat about your global marketplace strategy first, please contact your local Digital Adviser.

How you benefit from our marketplace partnerships

  • We help simplify the process of selling through marketplaces. Our experience and knowledge mean we can support you as you set up.
  • Our experts are here to share their knowledge. We'll work with you to develop an ecommerce export strategy and identify the right marketplaces for your business.
  • Whether you're taking your first ecommerce exporting steps or looking to expand your online presence, we can advise you all the way.
  • Access special deals, such as reduced commission rates and/or free trial periods from some of our partners.
  • We may be able to connect you directly with account executives at our partner marketplaces to speed up application and onboarding, boost your sales, or troubleshoot any account issues you’re having.

Want our Marketplace Partnerships Guide?

Join the Digital Exporting Programme and we will send you a copy of our Marketplace Partnerships Guide. You will be able to find and apply to new marketplaces that can help grow your ecommerce business overseas.

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