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About this marketplace

The Royal Mail Tmall store sells British brands and products on Tmall, the largest marketplace in China. Royal Mail lists your products in the store and, once sold, pay you a pre-agreed wholesale price in Sterling. All costs relating to logistics, duties, marketplace commission fees, translations, product listings, customer services and more are managed by Royal Mail. 

This store is an excellent sales channel for listing British brands that are already popular amongst mainland Chinese shoppers or brands that offer mainland Chinese shoppers a simple upgrade on products they are already using, for example honey.

Brands that do not fit this criteria may need to prepare to invest considerably to build up initial brand awareness and trust.


Product positioning
EconomyNot available
Ways to sell

Who else sells here?

Boden, Brompton, The Cambridge Satchel Company, Waitrose

E-commerce adviser tip

An easy, low-cost and rapid way for sellers to establish a presence on an online marketplace in China. Your export plan must include a budget to create a social media presence on digital channels outside Tmall Global. Your brand is required to be trademark registered in the UK.

Before entering the Chinese Market, it is highly recommended that you register your trademark with the Chinese Trademark Office.

You will need to set aside a reasonable marketing budget per year in order to sell successfully in China, so this platform is generally more suitable for larger, more established companies.

UK businesses wishing to apply, need to be either the brand owner or authorised to sell the brand.

About the customers

Tmall demand is marginally higher in females, and the dominant age group is 25 to 45.

Customer support
EmailNot available
Help CentreNot available
Social MediaNot available
TelephoneNot available
TutorialsNot available

Open times

8am to 12am (China)

About fulfilment and delivery

Logistics support
Fulfilled by marketplaceAvailable
Fulfilled by sellerAvailable

Parcel tracking required by the marketplace


How you can join

Organise translation
To negotiate with the marketplaceNot available
To apply to joinNot available
For product contentNot available
For seller supportNot available
Upload product details via
Content Management SystemAvailable
Set up
A local bank accountNot available
A local companyNot available
A local address to handle returnsNot available
Agree to
Product exclusivity terms Not available

How you'll get paid

Payments terms
45 days

How they'll help you

Marketing and merchandising

A variety of marketing services are available that can be tailored to budgets and related requirements.

Seller support
Help CentreNot available
Social MediaNot available
TutorialsNot available
WebchatNot available

Open times

9am to 5.30pm (UK business hours)

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