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About this marketplace

Retaissance is building a community framework that promotes trading and facilitates the sharing of knowledge as markets develop. Retaissance connects brands and buyers in all year, anytime online trade, building resilience in independent retail and the surrounding ecosystem.

Brands can use Retaissance to build a comprehensive online profile, highlight key features and brand values and showcase a selection of products and collections with in-depth details for potential wholesale partners. The site also allows brands to host essential buyer resources such as look books, line sheets and product catalogues in one easily accessible place.

For buyers, Retaissance is designed as a prospecting tool which can be used to source new and exciting brands from the UK, Europe and around the world. The site allows buyers to browse and discover brands and products that match their preferences on price, features, sustainability and ethical credentials and more. They can also use the site to track brands as markets develop and extend their lines with fresh products from independents.

To help support the recovery of European retail from its recent challenges, Retaissance now offers a free access-level subscription that puts your brand in front of our network of UK and European retail buyers:

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Bobbies Shoes, Campo Marzio

E-commerce adviser tip

Retaissance is digitised trading platform that removes the cost barriers of accessing new markets, helping companies to reach and connect with your stockists quickly and effectively. 

Retaissance offers a wide variety of services below

- Build a complete profile for your brand

- Showcase your top products with our Showcase Builder

- Highlight features, ethical and eco-credentials

- Host all your lookbooks, line-sheets and sales documents online for free

- Receive direct communications from retail buyers

- Upgrade at any time for additional support & lead generation

About the customers

Independent business owners ages 21+, all levels of income, 

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8:30am to 17:30pm (GMT) Monday - Friday

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Marketing and merchandising

Carousels on website highlighting products and brands

Digital advertising on site

PR support via media partnerships

Meet the buyer events

Trade show representation

Contacts with translation companies to help translating into English

Large social media presence to help promote your brand

Contacts with all leading publications and trade associations

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Open times

8:30am to 17:30pm (GMT) Monday - Friday

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