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JPY 4,900 monthly

About this marketplace

Amazon gives companies of all sizes an international sales channel with no upfront costs. Amazon can store, pack and deliver sellers’ products to customers, as well as provide customer service and handle returns. Their safe payments infrastructure helps minimise risk for sellers. 

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WholesaleNot available

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E-commerce adviser tip

Sellers will require the services of a third party company to provide the legal and financial entity in Japan necessary to trade on Amazon Japan. Sellers must arrange with their chosen service provider to receive payment in Japanese Yen and convert to Sterling, or ask the service provider to convert Japanese Yen to Sterling. Amazon Japan works with a group of partner service providers such as Jumbo and Windows. These companies can also provide final mile delivery and returns services. Engaging a third party service provider will incur additional costs.

UK businesses wishing to apply, need to be either the brand owner or authorised to sell the brand.

About the customers covers a broad demographic of men and women, and of all ages.

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Open times

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (UTC+9), Mon-Sun

About fulfilment and delivery

Logistics support
Fulfilled by marketplaceAvailable
Fulfilled by sellerAvailable

Parcel tracking required by the marketplace


How you can join

Organise translation
To negotiate with the marketplaceNot available
To apply to joinNot available
For product contentNot available
For seller supportNot available
Upload product details via
Content Management SystemAvailable
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A local bank accountNot available
A local companyNot available
A local address to handle returnsAvailable
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Product exclusivity terms Not available

How you'll get paid

Payments terms
14 days

How they'll help you

Marketing and merchandising

Amazon marketing services offer a range of services to sellers at extra cost, including keyword-targeted advertising, headline search advertising and product display advertising.

Seller support
Help CentreAvailable
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Open times

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (UTC+9), Mon-Sun

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