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UK business registered in Companies House
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1-10 employees
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UK registered company – number 12977572

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International House, N1 7SR


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Motorscan serves as a powerful tool for industry and trade members worldwide, offering extensive motoring data crucial for vehicle exports. By providing detailed vehicle histories, it aids in ensuring transparency and informed decision-making for global automotive trade and export activities.

Products and services

Car checks are essential services that provide detailed histories of vehicles, helping buyers and sellers make informed decisions. They typically include information on MOT history, previous accidents, ownership changes, and any outstanding finance. By revealing a vehicle’s past, car checks help avoid costly surprises, ensure legal compliance, and offer peace of mind in automotive transactions.



Motorscan case studies

Enhancing Consumer Confidence with Car Checks

In the used car market, transparency is crucial for both buyers and sellers. The challenge lies in ensuring that potential buyers have access to accurate and comprehensive information.