Motorscan Digital Vehicle Checks

Enhancing Consumer Confidence with Car Checks

Reduced Risk of Fraud: In the group that used vehicle history checks, instances of fraud, such as purchasing stolen vehicles or those with tampered odometers, were reduced by 75% compared to the group that did not use these checks.

Increased Buyer Confidence: 90% of buyers who used free car checks reported higher levels of confidence in their purchase decisions. They felt more assured about the legality and mechanical soundness of the vehicles.

Better Price Negotiation: Buyers using car history checks negotiated better deals, with an average of 15% savings compared to the other group. The detailed history reports provided them with leverage during price negotiations.

Safety Concerns: The checks revealed that 20% of the vehicles had a history of significant accidents, which were not disclosed by the sellers. This helped buyers avoid potentially unsafe vehicles.

Over 10,000,000 million scans completed.

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The reports are easy to read and understand. It provides everything you need to make a decision on the car you're thinking of buying. I paid for five reports, out of the five searches I did, four came back as fails, I would never have known if I hadn't paid for the reports.
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