Gentium International Ltd.

We have a history of trans-Atlantic HR work. This is one example of simple Corporate US > UK "Set up" support.

Case Study: US Client - UK Employment Set up

This US-based Defence Contractor, supports the MoD on various projects.

Having incorporated in the UK in 2019, the US business required local support in establishing their operations and employment compliance obligations, as they looked to put in place the foundations for growth and expansion in the UK and EU. Over this period, we have supported them with retained HR Consulting services relating to both the UK and other locations around the world.

The client were referred to Gentium by a global legal firm with whom we have worked extensively. The client engagement and relationship has primarily been through the UK-based Managing Director, but also with Senior decision makers in the US - which is common practice from out experience.

We have enjoyed four successful years in providing a multitude of HR-related services to this Company. Our Professional HR experience and Military Service has enabled a great relationship.

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09 February 2018