Gentium International Ltd.

Understanding where and how you are going to work is important. Plan ahead. Be aware of your obligations.

Case Study: Local Market Trends & Intelligence

Gentium International delivers intelligence for clients looking to make informed decisions.

From over 20 years of international employment experience, we know the importance of ensuring compliance and understanding the environment in which you are going to establish your operations.

We work with clients to provide insight to local market practice and compliance solutions in the following areas:

- Country Employment Guides (a country-specific employment compliance guide, practical and tailored to client needs);

- Labour Market Indicators (identifying local trends in a particular city or country location to inform talent acquisition and planning);

- Salary & Benefit Benchmarking (benchmarking salary and benefits per role in the local market, to enable competitive job offers and wider competitor intelligence);

- Policy & Practice Benchmarking (benchmarking policy and practice in the local market to inform the client of mandatory and competitor policies).

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09 February 2018
Business and consumer services
"The quality and depth of knowledge in Gentium's reports on market practice are far more than standard off the shelf products would provide. Gentium's offerings are insightful, informative, and have real-life experience behind them, which helps in gathering up to date / current practice in our sector."
Anon. Senior Consultant, Technology Professional Service Company, San Francisco, United States