Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is home to world-class suppliers with global exporting experience that can fill gaps in your supply chain.

Over 1,100 international companies across a range of sectors are based in Northern Ireland. Thanks to its a highly skilled and talented workforce, excellent infrastructure, strong business-friendly environment and competitive operating costs, 70% of new investors choose to reinvest in this region.

Expanding your business

Northern Ireland offers more than just skilled people, competitive costs and great infrastructure; it’s a location that delivers altogether more for investors.

Northern Ireland has exactly what investors are looking for – a workforce that is educated, innovative, resilient and results-driven. People who will go the extra mile to make sure your operation is a success. Combine this with a superb infrastructure, competitive costs and excellent support packages and you have the ideal location for expanding your business.

Operating costs are up to 30% lower than other locations in the UK and Europe. Northern Ireland also offers 100% free, customised training and recruitment programmes for investors.

Northern Ireland has 2 leading global universities, with strong collaborative networks between industry, government and academia, to support business growth and success.

Investing capital

Northern Ireland offers an attractive proposition for investors, as well as providing genuine commercial opportunities with measurable returns. The region offers attractive market conditions, growing demand and growth potential, a strong network of professional advisors and transparent regulatory and governance systems.

Investment opportunities are available across a range of sectors including commercial, retail, residential, mixed-use and hotel.

Buying goods and services

Northern Ireland has an established track record as a global business partner and our companies have a global reputation for quality. Products, services, and technologies from Northern Ireland are exported to over 100 countries across the globe.

It also has expertise across a range of sectors, including digital technologies such as fintech, cyber security, and AI; in advanced manufacturing sectors like aerospace, materials handling, across a wide range of professional services and life and health sciences.

1.9 million
lower operating costs than in other UK and European locations
About 90 minutes
from Belfast to Dublin
Only UK land border
with the rest of Europe
of the population are under the age of 40
world-leading universities and a network of regional colleges
Over 1,100
international companies
Over 70%
of new companies choose to reinvest

Strategic markets



Northern Ireland is a region of expertise and knowledge in tech development and has one of the fastest growing tech sectors in the UK. Northern Ireland is the number one international investment location for US cyber security firms and the world’s top region for financial services technology inward investment projects. Belfast has been named as one of the best cities in the UK to work in tech.

Life and health sciences

Northern Ireland is the ideal location for cutting-edge healthcare R&D and innovations. The region has 17 world-leading research centres with more than 1000 researchers and both Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University rank in the top 10 in the UK for bioscience research.

Advanced manufacturing

Northern Ireland has a vibrant and highly sophisticated advanced manufacturing and engineering sector, with higher concentration of manufacturing businesses than in the UK as a whole. The region’s track record of engineering excellence has attracted global investors including innovative companies at the forefront of sustainable transport solutions.

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