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Energy transition export capability guide

Helping UK businesses succeed in the global move to low carbon energy production

Clean growth: powering up export opportunities for the UK

What is clean growth?

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There are three main areas to clean growth:

First, it’s the UK government’s strategy for boosting our economy while reducing gas emissions and protecting the environment.

Second, it will achieve this through encouraging the creation and production of innovative goods, services and technologies.

And, third, it is here to help UK businesses of all sizes, through the Department for International Trade (DIT), to export their goods and services.

The ambition is for clean growth to help deliver a Green Industrial Revolution, as set out in the Government’s Ten Point Plan.

This manifesto includes investing £48 billion of public and private investment into clean industries, creating 250,000 new green jobs by 2030.

While clean growth is opening up significant business opportunities at home, selling goods, services and know-how to customers abroad can help UK businesses grow even further.

DIT provides free support and service for firms seeking to take advantage of these global export opportunities.

To find out how your business could benefit from export opportunities in green, transport-related industries, visit

You can also get in touch with your local trade office and seek advice directly from one of our expert trade advisors.


Clean growth: one step towards a Green Industrial Revolution

Clean growth reflects the ambition of the UK government's comprehensive Ten Point Plan to invest in the development and implementation of clean technologies – our Green Industrial Revolution.

UK businesses like yours have a vital role to play by exporting those innovative, world-leading products and services out onto the global stage.

Point 1 Advancing Offshore Wind

Point 2 Driving the Growth of Low Carbon Hydrogen

Point 3 Delivering New and Advanced Nuclear Power

Point 4 Accelerating the Shift to Zero Emission Vehicles

Point 5 Green Public Transport, Cycling and Walking

Point 6 Jet Zero and Green Ships

Point 7 Greener Buildings

Point 8 Investing in Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage

Point 9 Protecting Our Natural Environment

Point 10 Green Finance and Innovation

UKEF is also supporting the Ten Point Plan supply chains, working with business to grow green UK industries and resilient, export-focussed supply chains

View the ten point plan in full

Clean growth energy transition: the bigger picture

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There are five interconnected ‘life cycle’ stages in the transition to clean, green energy. These stages are dealt with in more detail on the following pages:

You can also view these UK energy success stories.

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