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Market development: maximising international sales opportunities for UK suppliers

A number of initiatives – both within and outside of government – are being implemented to help UK businesses compete and prosper in the international market. Here are just 5 examples:

Trade policy

Thanks to now having our own independent trade policy, we are free to negotiate free trade agreements and other trade policy mechanisms that protect UK businesses and address existing barriers to investment and export.


Infrastructure Exports: UK (IE:UK) is a partnership between UK industry and government.

It brings together companies with significant experience representing the ‘Best of British’ – in consulting, finance, professional services, construction, and operational excellence – to create a single ‘Team UK’ consortium to bid for global infrastructure contracts and, by combining expertise, it can deliver complex ‘clean’ projects.

Currently focused on a handful of markets within Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia across the infrastructure sector, IE:UK is concentrating on projects with sustainability and resilience at their heart.

Official Development Assistance (ODA)

Strong links between DIT teams and International Aid-funded technical assistance providers are not only being encouraged but formed and maintained with the aim of realising the business-focused benefits of Clean Growth.

A focus that presents an opportunity to shape markets through initiatives such as skill-shares and secondments, where UK experts work directly with their counterparts in partner countries to provide knowledge and build capacity across a range of clean sectors.

This work will benefit UK businesses and the organisations they are serving, and, with our help, one of those businesses could be yours.

Partnership with industry

Working together, UK industry and the Government are growing stronger and more competitive in the delivery of solutions for some of the world’s largest and most complex infrastructure problems.

Playing a major part is the Infrastructure Exports UK board, which brings together individuals who represent the Best of British in consulting, professional services, construction, and operational excellence to combine UK capability into a consortium offer, raising the bar of the UK’s infrastructure export offer.

Clean growth: market development

CCS0921306020-006_Market_development_establishing_new_energy_systems 4R.png

Market Development is the first step in opening up export markets for UK businesses, products and services, particularly in the field of energy generation and other sustainable infrastructure projects.

Market Development helps businesses like yours play a part in winning large-scale international infrastructure schemes.

To find out how, visit and let Clean Growth play a part in growing your business.

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