Professional and Business Services

UK Capability in Professional & Business Services

From accountancy and architecture to engineering green finance, creative services and law - the UK Professional and Business Services (PBS) sector includes a broad range of sub-sectors. These sub-sectors have a crucial role in supporting businesses of every size across the Middle East on their journey towards net zero whilst supporting them to develop green solutions independently.

The size of the UK’s PBS sector is second only to the US and comprises a third of the UK’s total services exports. The UK’s PBS firms are evolving and expanding their services to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions.

creative industries

Creative industries

From film to museums, the UK is a global leader in creative industries. These combine expert storytelling with innovate ways to reach new audiences in a fast-changing digital environment. There are a growing number of companies engaged in exciting areas such as the metaverse, AI, virtual environments and immersive technology.

UK architects have made their mark on skylines across the Middle East. From urban landmarks to desert retreats, the UK offer goes beyond form and function, creating solutions that conserve resources and reduce ecological impact. British creativity comes to life in recycled sculptures and textiles, low-carbon carpets and carbon-neutral fittings for the luxury hospitality industry.

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