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UK innovators are transforming education and learning

The UK is a global leader in education technology with the largest edtech (education technology) market in Europe and the fourth biggest globally.

With the sudden shift to at-home learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, the role technology plays in education has never been more pertinent than it is today. Edtech has moved from being desirable to essential in the education setting. Over half of the European edtech Top 20 list are from the UK with more than 1,000 edtech companies nationally. These companies cover the full educational landscape, with expertise in infrastructure, connectivity, hardware, software and content.


“The UK has a vibrant ecosystem of edtech startups that develop innovative solutions to address specific challenges in education” Carrie-Ann Gibson - International education manager.

Texthelp - a UK edtech company partnering with the Gulf

Texthelp is an assistive technology company that specialises in creating tools and solutions to support reading, writing, language learning and STEM subjects for all learning needs.

The Gulf region is a key target market for Texthelp and have sold directly to several private international schools in the region including key Higher Education institutions. This includes Zayed University in UAE and a recently-revived partnership with the Mada - Qatar Assistive Technology Center.

The UK is renowned for its leadership in educational technology, boasting a range of pioneering companies like Texthelp that develop tools to aid literacy, numeracy, and inclusive learning. This reputation positions UK enterprises as attractive partners for Middle Eastern educational institutions looking to incorporate advanced technologies into their curricula

Carrie-Ann Gibson , International Education Manager TextHelp

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