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University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the world’s leading centres for research and development in AI. Fundamental AI research is carried out across a number of departments, including computer science, engineering, the Institute for Ethics in AI and the Oxford Internet Institute. Research on the applications of AI occurs throughout the University, from medicine to the social sciences and humanities.

The University regularly advertisesopens in a new tab research roles related to artificial intelligence at all levels including DPhil student, Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Fellow, Senior Researcher, and Associate Professor/ Professor.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has established research clusters and centres, which bring multidisciplinary teams together to advance the application of AI in areas such as health, finance, engineering, climate science, agriculture and the humanities.

The university offers a range of opportunities to external candidates including academic positions and fellowships – in addition to offering access to schemes such as the University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator and University of Edinburgh Venture Builder Incubator (VBI). The full range of opportunities can be found hereopens in a new tab.

University of Cambridge

Cambridge University is home to world-leading researchers across disciplines from astronomy to zoology, to a student community that is enthusiastic about the potential of AI, and to an innovation ecosystem that has a track-record of bringing cutting-edge technologies to market.

The university frequently advertisesopens in a new tab research roles targeting academics across a range of disciplines, alongside programme management and professional support roles to deliver high-quality research, education, and translation activities. There are also opportunities for potential students to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including studentships in some areas.

Imperial College London I-X

I-X is Imperial’s flagship initiative in collaborative and interdisciplinary AI. Through its extensive research portfolio, a suite of educational programmes, and the recent inauguration of its Business Partners membership scheme, I-X has created an academic environment to tackle major opportunities and societal challenges using AI.

I-X offers a diverse range of rolesopens in a new tab, with a keen focus on nurturing top-tier talent in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and digital technologies.

Google DeepMind

Google DeepMind brings together a team of scientists, engineers, machine learning experts and more, working together to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence. Google DeepMind use technologies for widespread public benefit and scientific discovery, and collaborate with others on critical challenges, ensuring safety and ethics are the highest priority.

Find out more about the opportunities available at Google DeepMindopens in a new tab.

The Alan Turing Institute

The Institute is named in honour of Alan Turing, whose pioneering work in theoretical and applied mathematics, engineering and computing is considered to have laid the foundations for modern-day data science and artificial intelligence. The Institute’s purpose is to make great leaps in data science and AI research to change the world for the better.

The institute offers a range of exciting rolesopens in a new tab suitable for early to mid-career researchers, from research assistant and junior research software engineers to research associates and data scientists.

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester's Institute for Data Science and AI (IDSAI) was created to act as an access point to the university’s expertise in data science and artificial intelligence, facilitating interactions between researchers and problem holders, owning the university’s data science strategy, and delivering support for the community – with a thriving community of over 900 academics.

The university offers a range of career and funding opportunitiesopens in a new tab.

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield has strengths and expertise in foundational AI and machine learning methodologies, and in a broad range of AI applications tied to grand challenges in health, energy and the environment.

The university has recently invested in a new multi-million pound Centre for Machine Intelligence, dedicated to the transformation and acceleration of research, innovation and teaching through AI. The university constantly advertises a diverse range of roles and taught programmes in AI and data scienceopens in a new tab.

Centre for the Governance of AI

The Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI) is an AI governance research and field-building organisation. We produce research on topics such as responsible AI development and release practices, AI regulation, and the international governance of AI, with a particular focus on risks associated with general-purpose AI systems. We also run field-building programmes to help promising individuals pursue careers in AI governance.

The full range of opportunities GovAI offersopens in a new tab include both full-time roles and positions in career development programmes.

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