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Company number: 09319254

Number of employees: 1-10

Incorporated in: 2014

Company description

We support health, humanitarian and emergency response organisations globally through consultancy, advisory, education and training services.

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Recent projects

Nursing competency assessments (UK)

Formal assessment of competence for nurses wishing to register in the UK.

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Hazardous Area Emergency Medical Training (Oman)

Delivered for the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (Oman), in association with ORMS and FSC.

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Specialist Medical Response Program (Police - MENA Region)

Emergency medical response training delivered for international specialist police officers.

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Pandemic Response Training (Qatar)

Consultancy, advisory and training services for specialist ambulance and medical response in relation to the defined threats of Ebola and Coronavirus.

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Advanced Disaster Response Training (Oman)

Ambulance service disaster response training delivered for the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (Oman) in association with ORMS and The FSC.

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Tactical Emergency Response Validation Exercise (Lebanon)

Tactical level disaster response training and skills performance validation.

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Hazardous Environment Trauma (UK and International)

Hazardous Environment Response

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Fire and Rescue Service - Emergency Medical Training (UK)

First Response Emergency Care

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Lung Health Program Support (Uganda)

Provision of logistical and operational support for lung health rehabilitation program film in rural Uganda.

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Multi-Agency Strategic Command Training (Lebanon)

Regionally impacting earthquake with wide scale destruction, loss of life, large numbers of injured patients and displaced persons, as well as infrastructure failure.

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Emergency Medical Training (UK)

Training for 1600 (to date) medical professionals.

•First Aid at Work
•Vaccine administration
•Intermediate Life Support
•Basic Life Support
•Anaphylaxis emergency management

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Red Cross Ambulance Service Development (Lebanon)

Design, development and delivery of medical management systems training and exercises for emergency for ambulance Services. (Foresight LMC).

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Formation of New Ambulance Service (UK)

Design, development and implementation of a national ambulance service capable of delivering emergency and urgent response across the United Kingdom and internationally.

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Foresight - Leadership, Management and Command (Oman)

Operational level command, control and coordination for senior officers of the medical division of Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (Oman) in association with ORMS and The FSC.

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Specialist Emergency Medicine Training (UK)

Hazardous Area Medicine – Paramedic Education Program

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Police Major Incident Training (MENA Region)

Design, development and provision of emergency medical training for specialist police officers.

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Emergency Medical Training - Bwera Hospital, Uganda

Teaching doctors and nurses in western Uganda, during a colossal influx of asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo who are fleeing inter-communal violence.

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Sodium Hydroxide Emergency Response Training

Specialist emergency care education for doctors and nurses

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Critical Care Training - Midigo Uganda

Providing emergency and critical care training for doctors and nurses working in support of the worlds largest refugee camp

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University support in Kyrgyzstan

The 625 provided operational and technical support for a pulmonary rehabilitation educational film in Uganda.

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Ambulance Service Development - Gambia

Development of emergency and urgent ambulance service in Banjul.

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Core industry

Healthcare and medical