The UK’s innovative agritech solutions lead the world - innovations such as the world’s first automated measurement device for monitoring acidity and temperature in dairy herds.

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Why choose UK agritech

New technologies

The UK agritech industry has a highly skilled workforce and a history of working with commercial partners to develop and bring new products to market.

Progressive farming

The UK’s food manufacturing and retail sectors are using innovation to increase productivity, make environmental improvements and meet consumer demand.

Supportive market

With reliable supply chains, competitive pricing and a range of commercial support schemes, the UK offers an attractive business environment for agritech.

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Tell us what agritech products or services you're looking for and we'll find your ideal business partner.

    We are newly found company we have a partnership agreement with a well-established company that has achieved ISO9001 and CERES organic standards.
    Partner with us; achieve things you might not think possible. We're a multi award-winning, ISO 9001 accredited, independent global hydraulics solutions provider, with 100 years’...
    Bioelements Agro Ltd offers a range of Biostimulant products for the Organic farming and general farming industry, our aim is to eradicate the need for pesticides, fungicides, a...
    Inciner8 are at the forefront of incineration technology. We are one of only 3 companies to hold a double Queens Award in 2016. One for innovation and one of export.
    About us GreenBlue Urban’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and visit urban environments by facilitating the successful establishment of su...
  • PSS
    George Moate is the agricultural division of PSS and has a proven track record of introducing innovative machinery that has transformed the planting of root crops.
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UK agritech strengths

One of the reasons the UK leads the world in agritech is its strength in the core areas of plant science, animal science, precision agriculture and aquaculture.

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