Report a trade barrier

Tell us if you think you’re facing a new trade barrier or have an issue with an existing trade barrier. We might be able to help resolve it.

A trade barrier is something that slows down, limits or prevents a UK business exporting to or investing in an overseas market.

They can affect businesses of all sizes and at all stages of exporting, even if you’re just exploring opportunities.

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

If there’s a barrier because of coronavirus, please let us know. It helps the UK government’s response to the pandemic.

You can report a new trade barrier or an issue with an existing one. To see if a trade barrier has already been reported visit check for barriers to trading and investing abroad. The service will give you the trade barrier title and identifying code which you will need if you want to report an issue with an existing trade barrier.

Report a barrier

If your problem is urgent, you can contact the relevant British embassy. Their knowledge of local business practices and working hours might mean your barrier is resolved more quickly.

Trade barriers are tariff, non-tariff or overseas direct investment restrictions that block or delay investments, exports or potential to do business.

You might be facing a barrier if, for example:

  • regulations in an overseas market prevent you exporting or investing there
  • you supply services and have to pay unnecessary charges that give an advantage to domestic suppliers
  • your goods are delayed from getting to market by lengthy customs procedures

Making a report online

  1. Tell us about your business

    What are your business details? How can we contact you?

  2. Describe your problem

    What’s stopping your export? Is the problem still affecting your business?

  3. Tell us more about your problem

    Add any other details you think are relevant to your problem. If it is about an existing trade barrier include the trade barrier code.

  4. What happens next

    We’ll aim to email you within 5 working days to let you know if we can help.

Report a barrier