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Big In America will be streamed via the DBT LinkedIn Events page from 12th September 2023.


Our 5 UK companies head off to New York to chase their export dreams. Assisted by the Department for Business and Trade and series presenter, Alex Polizzi, who will be successful in landing a deal and making it 'Big In America'?

Episode 1: Willsow

01. Willsow

Join Alex Polizzi as she takes Thomas Willday, founder of Willsow, to pitch his plantable children's books to world-famous US bookstore Barnes & Noble, Inc.

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Episode 2: See.Sense

02. See.Sense

Join Alex Polizzi as she preps Philip McAleese and Irene McAleese, co-founders of See.Sense, to pitch their bike lights and city planning data to e-bike rental service Zoomo.

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Episode 3: Collctiv

03. Collctiv

Join Alex Polizzi as she helps prepare Amy Whitell, founder of payments app Collctiv (Techstars '22), to try and secure investment in her VC pitch forum in New York.

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Episode 4: Artemis Technologies

04. Artemis

Join Alex Polizzi as she accompanies David Tyler, co-founder of Artemis Technologies Ltd, to introduce his zero-emission flying boats to New York's waterways.

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Episode 5: Spice Kitchen

05. Spice Kitchen

Join Alex Polizzi as she helps mother and son co-founders Shashi and Sanjay Aggarwal pitch their range of gifting spice tins to Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc.

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