UK-Australia free trade agreement (FTA) sector explainers

Sector specific information on Australian market opportunities and FTA benefits.

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British companies will now be able to bid for major Australian government infrastructure and services contracts on an equal footing with Australian companies.


The FTA allows the UK the potential to grow its market share in Australia in specialist, luxury, and performance cars.


The FTA brings Australian consumers closer than ever to UK companies selling their goods online.

Food and drink

UK food and drink companies will benefit from cheaper, faster, and more secure exports to a market that has a growing appetite for UK products.

Life sciences

Under the FTA, UK life sciences companies will benefit from enhanced access to the Australian market.

Specialised machinery

The UK’s extensive manufacturing sector stand to grow their exports to Australia via the FTA’s simplified rules of origin and customs provisions, as well as gain opportunities to collaborate on innovation and sustainability.

Financial services

The FTA supports UK companies’ ability to deliver high-value financial services to clients in Australia and will help to cement the UK’s status as the second biggest provider of financial services in Australia.

Professional business services

From legal services and engineering to accountancy and audit, the FTA creates new opportunities for UK professional services.

Short term business visitors

Greater certainty and access makes it easier for UK processionals to deliver services to Australian clients in person.

Tech exports

The UK is ideally placed to capitalise on the new opportunities the FTA creates in the Australian tech market, and to further cement its position as a global leader in tech innovation.


Rules of origin quick guide

Step-by-step guide to the new rules of origin process (PDF, 1.4MB).

Selling goods overview

Overview on all FTA areas that impact on the exporting of goods from the UK to Australia (PDF, 4.5MB).

Selling services overview

Overview on all FTA areas that impact on the exporting of services from the UK to Australia (PDF, 4.6MB).

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