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UK business registered in Companies House
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1-10 employees
Core industry
Electronics and IT hardware


UK registered company – number 10474154

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Harwood House, 43 Harwood Road, SW6 4QP


Company description

Seritag is a trusted and experienced worldwide supplier of NFC tags, products and tag management software.

We have a wealth of knowledge gained from working on some of the largest NFC projects around the world. We focus on providing friendly, straightforward advice to make sure our clients get the right products at the right prices for their projects. We understand that many of our customers will be new to NFC and new to contactless technology and we aim to make the learning curve quick and easy.

We manufacture, encode, print and finish many products in the UK and have a worldwide network of suppliers to ensure that we can deliver products at scale and on time. We have built some of the most advanced post-manufacture NFC encoding and finishing machinery in the industry to deliver tags and products with accuracy and speed.

Our Ixkio tag management platform now powers a growing number of NFC authentication projects providing anti-counterfeit protection, lifecycle management and product traceability. Our expertise is helping businesses leverage the advantages of using NFC for authentication. NFC tags are increasingly becoming a powerful tool in protecting companies against counterfeits particularly in the pharmaceutical, luxury goods and fashion industries. Seritag can provide fast, efficient and cost effective pathways to implementing and deploying authentication NFC tags.

We have shipped products globally from Mongolia to Madagascar and most places in between. We have supported projects ranging from clothing to tradeshows, asset management to marketing.

If you have an project requiring NFC tags, or just want to discuss what NFC can do for you, then we look forward to working with you.

Products and services

NFC Tags, NFC Stickers, Authentication NFC Tags, Smart Labels, NFC Chips, NFC Tag Management Software


Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, United States