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UK business registered in Companies House
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1-10 employees
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UK registered company – number 07469262

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20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU


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Verrimus maintains a global reach with the capability to react to our clients needs quickly and discreetly.
Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through decades of public service in the military and other agencies.

Verrimus’s service schedule is formed around our mission statement to provide ‘Advantage Through Knowledge’.

Our Intelligence Services provide our clients with the ability to covertly or overtly gain knowledge to enable them to achieve an advantage.

Our Counter Intelligence Services provided to our clients assist them to protect their critical information from theft of any kind.

Our Training Services provide our clients with the raw knowledge they require to enable them to carry out their operational function at the highest levels. We also run the only dedicated Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) training facility in Europe. Providing Law Enforcement, Government, military and commercial in-house TSCM teams with operational, equipment and quality assurance training delivered using live training scenarios.

Products and services

intelligence, technical, surveillance, counter measures, privacy, protection, equipment, training, TSCM, bugsweep

VERRIMUS LTD case studies

Government Services - Counter Terrorist Headquarters NW

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Verrimus was responsible for the TSCM operation, securing the new £64,000,000 police and counter terrorist headquarters in Manchester.

Government Operational Training – NATO Military – TSCM

Verrimus trainers provided advanced operational training and conducted operational evaluation (OPEVAL) for a NATO Military Unit.

Government Equipment Training – UK Police Force – TSCM

Verrimus provided advanced TSCM equipment training to a UK Police Force TSU.

Government Services - London 2012 Olympics –TSCM

Verrimus provided the TSCM team that was responsible for securing all the government secure areas and Royal Family areas for the London 2012 Olympics.