Diagram shows components of a wind turbine, including vital electronics.

GE Renewable adds a further location to their repair project

GE Renewable's successful investment in in-house repair facilities to troubleshoot and repair faulty boards has spread to 8 global locations - including India, Spain, and the U.S. - with even further expansion planned as the race to zero continues. In 2018, GE had never even considered that repair and maintenance would be their biggest ally in keeping their highly complex electronic wind turbine systems running.
GE locations around the world embrace the Repair, Don’t Waste movement for a multitude of reasons. In addition to saving money and time, repairing rather than replacing electronics helps companies who are focused on net-zero emissions and sustainability to contribute to carbon reduction targets by significantly reducing E-waste, which is expected to grow considerably with increasing digitalisation.


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14 June 1984
Renewable energy
I am a firm believer that real sustainability is not only achieved by producing energy with renewable means but also by extending the life cycle of the very components that generate that green electricity!
Hector Jaime Obregon Wind Lead Electrical Engineer GE Renewable Energy