Football Tips website re-branding and marketing.

Development of a Football Gaming Resource

The client Whatacca.com briefed the marketing executives at Quality Internet Solutions Ltd on what they wanted from there brand online.

In addition the client was clear about the vision of ensuring all of the Football tips were to be provided completely free of charge to the end users.

The layout and branding instructions were collected via marketing brainstorming sessions with the client. Then a story board and Hex board was created to develop the brand with the client as it was being created.

This transparent approach has assisted in providing a clear and extremely effective marketing and redesign plan for the project.

As Quality Internet Solutions Ltd were commissioned to develop a unique design and marketing solution, we embraced full disclosure during the implementation process with the client.

The results were amazing and the growth in website subscribers and general traffic has accelerated to a level that the client is happy with.


Company details

20 November 2008
Global sports infrastructure