Collins Aerospace MRO division reaps great results following the implementation of BoardMaster from ABI Electronics.

Avionics repair time reduced from 50 hours to 10 minutes

Collins repair the Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) for more than 90 of the world’s airlines, including all the major US carriers. They also repair the electronics from an array of military helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Most of their component level work is done with the help of ABI BoardMasters.

Big companies rarely rave publicly about the solutions they use. That is, unless the solution is a BoardMaster, with training and support provided by ABI.

The MRO manager who posted on LinkedIn about their success story stated that engineers achieved a "troubleshooting improvement from days to minutes.” In one case, a circuit board that used to take 50 hours to be debugged is now being repaired in 10 minutes.

Use this link to see the video portion of the post - https://www.linkedin.com/posts/najwakhazal_redefiningtroubleshooting-repairdontwaste-activity-6731514977900990464-PaYD


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14 June 1984
Going far in our electronics repair innovation by going fast in our troubleshooting - from days to minutes - using the ABI BoardMaster will enable us to save time, reduce cost and shorten repair time in ways we have never seen before. Special thanks to Fawzy Taha for leading an outstanding training and for Willian Santos and Dan Evans for the dedicated support for both the onsite and virtual training.
Najwa Khazal General Manager Collins Aerospace