User Design, Illustration and Typesetting

Front cover of the book ‘Icons: The Armada Portrait’ published by the Royal Museums Greenwich. ISBN-13: 978-1906367688.

Icons: The Armada Portrait book design

The publisher came to us with text content in default Word documents, along with a range of images. There was no previous style or template for this book. Research was done into the subject, content and time period, which was reflected and echoed in the design. We designed in collaboration with the client, a modern, fresh, yet subject respectful concept for the book, playing on the past (centered alignment and serif typeface) and the present (ranged-left alignment and sans serif typeface) which would appeal to the book’s readers. A fitting yellow colour was also chosen. We amended all corrections from the editors. The design was not too over stylised and has an open and easy feel. The body text typeface size was larger than normal for better legibility for people with ageing eyesight, thick paper was also used with little show through. The result is a book fit for old and new readers.

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