User Design, Illustration and Typesetting

Front cover photo of the book: Punctuation..? by User Design, Illustration and Typesetting. ISBN 13: 978-0-9570712-2-3.

Punctuation..? book design

We designed, illustrated and produced the 1st edition of the book, and some years later, we decided it was worth another go. We produced this 2nd edition, which was much better designed, illustrated, produced, bound and printed. We wanted to make a short book to communicate the importance of understanding punctuation to young people, and more specifically: reluctant teenage readers. So we designed, illustrated, typeset and produced this clean and airy book. We used a very fresh, clean and nice to touch light cream paper. We used squareback binding so the book lies flat without needing to be held down. People may use the book on a desk, and at the same time may want to write or refer to another book. This book has been mostly positively reviewed, more than 30 times.

Page 1: Contents page.

Page 12 and 13: Inside spread for the colon punctuation mark.

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Apostrophes, commas, brackets, etc., form the bulk, but there are some nice cultural additions, such as guillemets and the interpunct. Unlike most books on grammar and punctation, this one is friendly rather than curt and preachy.
Andy Polaine Founder and publisher The Designer's Review of Books