Beirut, Lebanon

Cyber security consultancy to govt. sector client in Lebanon

Given the client’s intention to improve its cyber security posture, co-ordinate information sharing, proactively manage cyber risks, and ultimately establish a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Synovum Ltd. was engaged to assist the client and provide a number of specific deliverables.

The initial deliverable documented an assessment of the current practices and human capacities of the client with regards to both information security management and incident response.

The second deliverable documented the proposed vision, suggested governance structure and road-map for the CERT.

The final deliverable documented a proposed strategic plan for the CERT to meet the client’s requirements, the content of which consisted of an action plan, timetable, budget estimation, reference to relevant security standards (ISO, NIST etc.) and a training master plan.

Given the strict delivery timeline imposed by the client, all deliverables were submitted and approved by the client.

Company details

My work experience with Andy as senior information security expert was productive in Lebanon during which he delivered a professional well-drafted product, in a participatory manner.
Peter Salloum International Development Expert in Conflict/Post-Conflict Countries