Assembly lines have become increasingly automated. In-house repair is made possible thanks to ABI Electronics.

The secret weapon to slash plant operating costs

Renault, Peugeot-Citroen as well as parts suppliers like dashboard manufacturer Reydel and many others, opted to work with the diagnostic and reverse engineering products made by the British company ABI Electronics. The company's BoardMaster and RevEng systems provide unique solutions to troubleshoot and repair industrial electronics.

Looking to shield themselves from programmed obsolescence and rising costs with logistics, car manufacturer Renault established an electronic repair center to support the soldering robots used in the car assembly line in Latin America. The small lab initially run by just two people using ABI diagnostic systems - seen here on the right - reported savings of US$1Million within 18 months from being in operation. The figure does not include the gains in productivity, with the assembly line being more readily supported with parts and service from the lab. The total investment, in this example, was recovered in just three months.


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14 June 1984
Comprehensive, predictive and corrective maintenance programmes can be created using ABI's systems to increase machine uptime, reduce the stock of spare parts and e-waste. Reports suggest that the modest investment required to set up an internal electronics support structure can be recovered in less than 12 months. Link to full story: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/car-manufacturers-secret-weapon-slash-plant-operating-willian-santos