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The UK is the most attractive location for investment in Europe, as ranked by CEOs.

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Why invest in the UK?

The UK offers world-class talent, high investment and a robust, business-friendly environment to reliably expand, trade and invest.

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I want to see the future. I want to build the future. I want it to be big, bold, brave. To go further… faster. To make the impossible… possible. I want to be where the generations of today build the solutions of tomorrow. Investing in cleaner, greener, kinder, smarter innovation. Harnessing the sun and the sea and the wind, turning the elements to power on a grand scale. I want to go where innovation saves lives, rebuilds lives creates a life. I want a future built on the shoulders of giants, on a heritage of ideas. It's going to need the right environment. High impact, high value investment. World-class skills. A global vision. I’ve seen the future. And it's here.

UK sectors

The UK Investment Atlas showcases all sectors and opportunities across the UK.

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UK nations and regions

The economic power and diversity of UK regions offer global businesses one of the best ecosystems in the world to grow innovative companies.


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We have selected a range of attractive large capital and foreign direct investment opportunities to meet your needs.

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Our international network provides a global reach in 170 countries. Staff work to ensure global businesses can invest successfully in the UK, whether directly in creating a UK entity or indirectly investing capital in a UK business or development.

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