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Geopura develops cutting-edge hydrogen technologies.

Geopura Case Study

Geopura's headcount plan was ambitious, and required an expanded recruitment capability to deliver it, but with varying recruitment volumes throughout the year, they needed a flexible solution. Geopura considered hiring an in-house recruiter, but the niche roles they were looking to fill, combined with the variability of their recruitment requirements and limited employer brand within the market meant that this solution wasn’t viable. They also considered expanding their use of recruitment agencies, but the unpredictable costs involved in this were difficult to align with their plans.


Company details

23 October 2012
Business and consumer services
Through 12 months of Talent Partnership, Geopura hired 25 people, 92% of whom were sourced either directly or by Jackson Hogg. Our talent partner assisted in creating an apprenticeship scheme to foster new talent, and by optimising the recruitment process and controlling all activities centrally, time to offer was reduced by 22%. This all allowed Geopura to achieve their headcount plans, continue their growth journey and focus on their innovative technologies rather than recruitment. Due to the success of their first 12 months, Geoupura extended their contract by a further 12 months.