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We advise Vlight Technology Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based company (and part of the Nasdaq-listed Joyy Inc. group). Vlight intends to establish a business in the UK that will provide an integrated logistics solution to allow its customers to efficiently ship goods and take advantage of integrated add-on services. We engaged with Vlight’s project team, principally based in Singapore and China, through emails and video calls. We provided a range of advice relating to starting up in the UK and to ensure compliance with the UK regulatory regime. Our advice has included the following topics: • UK corporate law issues (such as the ability to trade from overseas as a “proof of concept” before establishing a permanent UK presence) • logistics regulation • as part of their desire to offer embedded finance solutions alongside their PaaS (platform as a service) offering, both payments services regulatory advice and insurance regulation advice • contract and technology advice (including in relation t

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12 March 2004