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A Case Study By Newfound Global Limited

When New Zealand-based CoGo sought to make a lasting impact in the UK, they called on Newfound Global to provide hands-on support executing their ambitious market entry strategy. As their trusted partner on the ground, our team introduced CoGo to the right talent (leveraging our executive search expertise, we spearheaded the recruitment effort for CoGo’s UK Managing Director), advisors and investors. We tapped into our extensive tech investor network to directly source and contribute over £400,000 in new capital under the UK’s Enterprise Investment Scheme. Thanks to Newfound, CoGo ticked every box on their UK go-to-market plan. From securing their London base to assembling a seasoned advisory board and raising substantial capital, CoGo gained the strategic foothold in the UK market they desired. Beyond the successful market entry, Newfound continues serving as CoGo’s trusted partner for ongoing introductions and assistance as their UK presence scales. The deep working relationship esta

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20 April 2015