Elemental provides governance and director support to a property development firm.

Property development governance and director support

Our client, the owner of an existing UK limited SPV company (‘P Ltd’), sought investment in order for P Ltd to purchase and redevelop a large city centre property in the north of England with a view to selling the SPV or the resulting flats.

The owner of P Ltd intended to invest some funds but required the majority of funding to be provided by an outside investor. Elemental was instructed to assist with the introduction of the outside investor and to help structure the investment and joint venture project.

Our client’s main goals were to identify and introduce outside investment and to ensure that P Ltd’s record-keeping and governance were of a high standard to ease the burden of due diligence in the event of a sale.

Elemental remains involved with the project in a compliance capacity. Two members of our staff sit on the board P Ltd to help ensure that the company is governed well and that the project is on course to be completed on time and on budget.

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18 July 2011
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