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Why choose the UK

The UK offers a robust, business-friendly environment to reliably expand, trade and invest.

The UK has a mature, high-spending consumer market and an open, liberal economy, world-class talent and a business-friendly regulatory environment.

Our language, legal system, funding environment, time zone and lack of red tape helps make the UK one of the easiest markets to set-up, scale and grow a business.


The UK's business-friendly environment

Investors can access a market of more than 60 million people, diverse suppliers and partners, and benefit from a range of programmes to help businesses of all shapes and sizes grow, including a £100 billion infrastructure spending commitment.

UK Investment Zones

Investment Zones will be new hubs for investment and innovation across the UK that offer a favourable environment and exciting opportunities for your business to grow.

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Tax and incentives

The UK is highly competitive within Europe. We're business-friendly and offer a range of tax reliefs to give flexibility to domestic and international companies.

Tax and incentives

Talent and labour

The UK is the top-rated major European economy for attracting global talent and has one of the largest labour forces in Europe, with lower labour costs than Italy, France or Germany.

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The UK offers global businesses one of the best and most ambitious ecosystems in the world to grow innovative companies.

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The UK has the largest air transport system in Europe. We operate a robust energy grid supported by the world's largest offshore windfarm and benefit from advanced road and rail systems and 100 sea ports.

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Clean growth

The UK is leading the race to a net zero carbon economy, with cutting-edge technology and revolutionary research.

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Freeports will unlock new investment opportunities, drive growth, and support trade, innovation, and commerce across the UK

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