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Rail in Doncaster

Decarbonisation of the rail sector is key priority for the UK, and companies in Doncaster are on track to take a leading role in the sustainable transformation of the network.

Doncaster, as one of the most established and important rail and rolling stock hubs in the UK, will take a leading role in supporting the UK government to achieve their emissions reduction targets, as outlined in The Transport Decarbonisation Plan.


Doncaster (Northern England)

Investment type:

Foreign direct investment


Sustainable infrastructure, Zero emission vehicles

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Sector and market opportunity

As the place that created high speed rail, Doncaster is at the centre of developing the next generation of sustainable rail travel and rolling stock, with a high-speed college and numerous suppliers that are key to delivering major programmes including HS2 and the Northern Powerhouse railway.

Growth prospects

The demand for new equipment and services is driven by a national infrastructure pipeline worth over £100 billion, the greatest investment in the sector in over a century. The Government’s National Infrastructure Strategy 2020 set out record levels of investment in strategic sustainable rail. Furthermore, the UK’s Traction Decarbonisation Network Strategy requires the removal of diesel-powered vehicles from the network.


Doncaster is centrally located in the UK, with excellent access to supply leading European markets and beyond. There is a highly integrated supply chain with over 50 rail companies in the Doncaster region alone. The region has a vibrant cluster of leading international firms with a clear customer base, a strong supplier base and proximity to other UK rail clusters in York (65km) and Derby (80km).


Excellent connectivity to all major UK cities and Europe through the UK’s high speed, north-south main line.

Within close proximity to Manchester Airport, which includes a purpose-built World Freight Terminal, with 200+ global destinations and 111,000 tonnes of freight in 2020.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport also offers more than 40 international destinations and is becoming a major cargo hub.

There are 5 major motorways to connect companies with customers by road.

The region also provides access to iPort, the UK’s ideal intermodal freight solution, designed to provide the most efficient and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Local talent and skills

More than 8,000 are employed in over 50 rail companies.

The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure offers high level vocational courses to over 1,000 students.

The University of Sheffield is home to the Rail Innovation & Technology Centre, in partnership with Network Rail.

Research and expertise

The Overhead Line Electrification Centre is designed to cater for existing and future overhead line system equipment.

The Institute of Railway Research is a world leading centre in the field of railway engineering and risk.

The Centre for Innovation in Rail operates as a distinct business unit within IRR and supports the supply chain in bringing new technologies to the sector.

Region Spotlight
North of England


The North of England is recognised as a global centre for creativity and design and attracts thriving international investment. This heritage of expertise and manufacturing know-how is well established on the world stage, and historically gave birth to the Industrial Revolution.

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Enabling clean growth

UK rail operators are seeking to procure 35 billion GBP of new equipment and services over the next 15 years. This means expanding the supply chain by 140%. The UK is building a hub in Doncaster to connect businesses to these opportunities.

Local and national government support

Growth hub funding and preferential regional support is available to rail companies in Doncaster planning to create new jobs. There are also strong local business networks (Doncaster Rail Partnership), recruitment and skills assistance and links into local and national government support.

Success stories

Romberg Sersa

Romberg Sersa is an Austrian-Swiss firm that provides a full railway engineering service., ranging from track construction, renewal and maintenance, through to consultancy, planning and logistics services.

The firm has a unit at West Moor Park in Doncaster for its UK head office. The company also operates a joint venture with Amey to deliver switches and crossing renewals across the UK. Amey Sersa has a team of more than 30 in Doncaster.

Unipart Rail

Unipart Rail is a supplier of 70,000 rail products and installation materials, all procured, managed and supplied. The company also provides a range of other services including consultancy, technical support, and overhaul and repair.

Headquartered in Doncaster, the site now employs over 400 people and continues to grow.

Hitachi Rail Europe

Hitachi Rail Europe (HRE) is a global provider of total railway solutions and is the company leading the largest rail modernisation project in UK history and delivering the UK’s next generation of rolling stock.

Hitachi operates a rail depot in Doncaster for building and maintaining new intercity trains in the UK.

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