Anglesey freeport

Anglesey Freeport

Well positioned to facilitate seamless access between Ireland and mainland Europe via the UK landbridge, Anglesey Freeport is a gateway for international investors to the UK market.

Anglesey Freeport will establish the region as a leader in low carbon energy generation, research and development. Boasting some of the world’s most cutting-edge advances in sustainable technology and energy production, the Freeport will be pivotal in rejuvenating the UK’s position as a hub for global trade through its abundance of local talent, prestigious education, skills and research establishments and unique geographic positioning.

Anglesey Freeport offers a range of incentives relating to customs, tax, planning, infrastructure, and innovation. See further details on the benefits of Freeports.

The Freeport’s proposed tax sites are located at:

  • Holyhead Port
  • Parc Cybi
  • Rhosgoch
  • M-Sparc Science Parc
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Investment type:



(Marine, Low carbon energy, Tidal energy)

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Michael Green

Michael Green

Head of Freeports and Investment Zones

Sector and market opportunity

Supported at the highest levels of government, backed by industry and championed locally, Anglesey Freeport has the potential to deliver greater prosperity across the whole of North Wales as it plays a crucial role in incentivising businesses to invest in the region and continue its development as a sustainable energy powerhouse.

With its Energy Island Programme, Anglesey presents an excellent opportunity for companies seeking to develop, manufacture and build the next generation of energy technologies. This includes the Morlais Project, the largest consented tidal energy project in the world, putting the region on the global tidal energy supply chain map. Together with the Freeport’s Blue Innovation Zone, these areas will provide ideal testing and development conditions for both tidal and offshore wind technology.

Growth prospects

With the UK already in the top 3 countries within Europe over the past 5 years for clean energy investment, there is an opportunity worth £1 trillion by 2030 for businesses in low carbon products and services, in which the Anglesey Freeport is set to specialise.


Anglesey’s unique location offers a distinctive advantage in facilitating the seamless flow of goods along the Central Corridor from Holyhead to Dublin, helping support the UK landbridge between the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe. This exceptional positioning provides a unique opportunity for companies to easily transit goods to European and other global markets, with the supporting infrastructure already in place to help businesses succeed.


The Freeport offers outstanding road and rail connections, including direct trains to London from Holyhead. Rail connections also provide low cost, carbon-efficient ways of transporting goods to customs sites. There is direct tunnel access to the Port of Holyhead from Stena Line’s land on the Anglesey Prosperity Zone. Anglesey benefits from direct access to Irish Sea, including the Blue Innovation Zone within Holyhead Bay, and the Morlais Array to the west of Holyhead.

Capitalising on its unique location and connectivity, Anglesey Freeport will ensure a new Digital Trade Corridor operates along the critical trading route from Holyhead-Dublin, as well as for goods moving across the UK landbridge transit route to and from mainland Europe.

Local talent and skills

Alongside access to over 4,000 students undertaking STEM related degrees in local universities, the Freeport will work closely with the North Wales Regional Skills Partnership who have undertaken significant work on skills development for an inclusive North Wales. A working group brings together local and regional partners including the likes of Ambition North Wales, the Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT), Bangor University, M-Sparc, Welsh Government and Business Wales to focus on skills and supply chain development in the area.

Region Spotlight


Wales has a talented workforce and strong research and development facilities. It’s producing technology for the future in advanced manufacturing, life sciences, clean tech and digital sectors. More than 1,395 foreign-owned companies are operating in Wales, including Toyota, Siemens Healthineers GE, Sony and Airbus.

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Research and expertise

The Anglesey Energy Island Programme, led by Isle of Anglesey County Council, is a collaborative initiative involving various stakeholders from the public, private and third sectors, working to establish Anglesey as a leader in low carbon energy generation, research and development. At present the Energy Island Programme is helping to spearhead some of the region’s latest advances in sustainable innovation, with regional expertise in the form of the Morlais Projects and M-Sparc Science Park.

National government support

As specially designed areas with beneficial economic regulations, Freeports can help you achieve sustained growth, and may be able to save you time and money through:

Tax reliefs

  • Land Transaction Tax relief
  • enhanced Capital Allowances for investment in plant & machinery and structures & buildings
  • five years of Non-Domestic Rates relief
  • employer National Insurance contributions relief

Customs and Planning

  • simplified customs procedure
  • deferrals and exemptions from duty payments
  • VAT suspension within customs sites
  • supportive local planning environments with constructive public-private partnerships

Innovation Offer

  • extensive public investment in skills and infrastructure
  • access to the Freeport Regulation Engagement Network (FREN), enabling direct and early engagement between businesses, Freeports, and regulators
  • access to the Freeport Innovation Network (FIN), a collaboration vehicle for Freeports to shape and organise their innovation activity as a collective

Contact the opportunity lead

Michael Green

Michael Green

Head of Freeports and Investment Zones

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