The Office for Investment

The Office for Investment uses the convening authority of the Prime Minister’s office in Number 10 Downing Street to work across Government to break down barriers to landing top-tier investments

The UK’s approach to investment is driven from the very top of Government. The Prime Minister launched the Office for Investment [OFI] in November 2020 to unlock significant strategic investments aligned to the Government’s priorities and to make the UK the best place in the world for international investors.

The OFI provides a unit at the heart of Government to ensure the highest value investors receive the strongest possible cross government support to realise their UK investment.

The team prioritises projects that have the greatest impact on the UK economy and will improve business confidence in the UK as an investment destination.

Since the beginning of 2021 the Office has helped secure over £11.75bn worth of investment, directly creating 1,650 jobs and 4,500 more in UK supply chains.

Contact the Office for Investment

The Office for Investment team can be contacted by emailing