Hire skilled workers for your UK operations

The UK has a world-class pool of talent and business-friendly employment laws. UK workers benefit from our investment in science, technology and digital training and include graduates of some of the best universities in the world.

Access to talent in the UK

The UK is one of the top European economies for attracting, cultivating and retaining global talent.

We are internationally renowned for our flexible labour market.

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Business-friendly employment laws

The UK’s straightforward and flexible employment laws promote the interests of employees. They also help businesses hire the right people with the right skills.

Learn more about UK contract types and employer responsibilities.

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Employment costs in the UK

The UK operates a National Minimum Wage and Living Wage to encourage people into employment and prevent businesses from using low wages to compete unfairly.

National Insurance is a tax that must be paid for all employees. As an employer you’ll have to pay 13.8% National Insurance on earnings over 175 GBP per week (in addition to the 12% employees pay on any earnings over 242 GBP per week).

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Top universities and top technical training

The UK has 4 of the world’s top 10 universities: University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London and University College London.

We’re also passionate about investing in skills. A range of government-backed training and employment schemes are available for employers who are considering hiring employees, offering work experience, or upskilling existing staff, some of which offer financial incentives.

Apprenticeships – helping you develop talent

An apprenticeship is a job with training, so apprentices can earn while they learn. They get the training and qualifications they need to become fully competent in their chosen occupation.

Apprenticeships enable businesses to grow talent and are available in hundreds of occupations across all sectors of the economy, from Level 2 (GCSE-equivalent) right up to degree and masters level.

Apprenticeships are a devolved policy. You can get help from the government to pay for apprenticeship training.

Find out what funding support is available for apprenticeships in England.

If you’re an employer with operations in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you should contact your apprenticeship authority to find out what support is available.

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Bringing overseas talent to the UK

The points-based system provides you with the ability to access people and talent from around the world, through a range of different visa routes.

The Skilled Worker route encompasses the majority of UK jobs eligible for overseas recruitment, providing a simple and flexible process for accessing the global talent pool. Other routes including those for Senior or Specialist Workers, Expansion workers, Service Suppliers and Secondees represent a world-leading offer for businesses. They enable overseas businesses to temporarily send employees to the UK for a specific corporate purpose that could not be done by a resident worker.

You can check if you need a UK visa using this easy online tool.

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Find the right UK staff for your business

Many companies in the UK offer recruitment support and advice about employing staff. The UK government runs the Investment Support Directory, a collection of companies that have skills and experience in helping overseas businesses set up or expand in the UK.

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