Why choose the UK

The UK offers a robust, business-friendly environment to reliably expand, trade and invest.

Stability and security

A stable legal and regulatory environment in one of the world’s oldest democracies.

Transparency and simplicity

Transparent, flexible corporate law and governance that makes it easy to do business.

Diplomacy and influence

Well-established diplomatic influence around the world, built on the UK’s cultural and political strengths.

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largest economy


top 10 universities

No. 1

rated for attracting global talent


new businesses started in 2017


largest stock exchange


employment rate

The UK Investment Prospectus

If you’re thinking about expanding your business internationally, the UK could be the perfect place for your business.

To explore what the UK has to offer, download your UK Investment Prospectus today.

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UK tax and incentives

When it comes to tax, the UK:

  • has one of the lowest Corporation Tax rates in the G20 and is highly competitive within Europe
  • is rated by the World Bank as the most business-friendly of Europe’s 10 largest economies
  • has a range of tax reliefs to give flexibility to domestic and international businesses
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UK talent and labour

When it comes to talent, the UK:

  • is the top-rated major European economy for attracting global talent
  • has one of the largest labour forces in the EU with 32 million people employed
  • has lower labour costs than Italy, France or Germany
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UK innovation

When it comes to innovation, the UK:

  • is ranked top 5 on the Global Innovation Index 2019
  • prides itself on a rich heritage of exploration and innovation
  • enjoys R&D tax reliefs of up to 230%, and 50% of all R&D expenditure coming from foreign-owned companies
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UK infrastructure

When it comes to infrastructure, the UK:

  • has the largest air transport system of any major European economy
  • operates a robust energy grid supported by the world’s largest offshore windfarm
  • benefits from advanced road networks, a modern rail system and 100 sea ports, connecting it seamlessly to the rest of Europe
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