Sports economy

The UK has unrivalled experience and expertise in sports economy, with its companies leading the way both at home and overseas. UK companies have a reputation for creative and ingenious solutions that respect tradition and leave a sporting and cultural legacy.

Unrivalled experience

The UK has experience that is second to none, enhanced further by being involved in over seventy major sporting events since London 2012, as well as many events overseas.

A recognised reputation

From stadium design to communications, the UK has a proven expertise and reputation in every aspect of sports development and staging a major sporting event.

Football expertise

Supported by a world-leading infrastructure, football’s global appeal showcases a compelling spectacle of talent and passion, and the UK’s globally-renowned offer of football expertise.


London Aquatics Centre, 2012 Summer Olympics

Zaha Hadid Architects


people employed in the business of sport in the UK

£1.1 billion

value of Premier League broadcast rights exports

£28 – 41 billion

the economic impact of London 2012 by 2020 in Gross Value Added (GVA)


the year from which the UK has played a significant role in the delivery of every major global sporting event


international sports now making more reliable decisions due to using the UK-invented Hawk-Eye ball tracking technology


seats, at the new stadium for Tottenham Hotspur – one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the world

London 2012: legacy benefits continue

The UK’s work to create a lasting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games has been hailed by the International Olympic Committee as a ‘blueprint’ for future hosts, acknowledging that ‘London and Great Britain will benefit from the Games for a long time to come’. This has helped the UK lead the way in a number of areas across the sector, in particular around overlay, sports development and football.


The UK has a highly successful overlay industry, both at home and abroad. With a proud history of hosting Blue Riband sports events such as Wimbledon and the Grand National, the UK has long been home to reputable and highly professional overlay companies with tried and tested knowledge, prowess and expertise. Today, the UK excels across all aspects of the overlay sector, with world-­class architects, designers, engineers, project managers, cost managers, consultants, commodity and service suppliers undertaking projects across the globe.

Sports development

The UK is recognised as a global leader in the development and application of sport and physical activity policy, for both grassroots and elite sport. Examples of exemplary best practice are the development of a Code for Sports Governance, a new duty of care and safeguarding approach for young sportspersons; and participation campaigns like ‘This Girl Can’, which helps raise the activity levels of women.


The English Premier League (EPL) is broadcast to 1 billion homes in 188 nations and supports close to 100,000 jobs in the UK, generating broadcast revenue of more than £2.8 billion a year.

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