The UK space industry is thriving and growing continually thanks to first-class universities, cutting-edge technology, pioneering companies and strong government support.


The UK is well positioned to take advantage of a changing space industry with investment opportunities in areas such as earth observation, internet connectivity, data services, robotics and low-cost access to space.


The UK space industry has trebled in size since 2000, outperforming the global space economy and enjoys a 5.1% share of the total market (equivalent to £14.8bn).

Expertise, innovation and talent

The UK’s expertise in satellite innovation and manufacturing has led to a thriving research and development network, which is able to support any size of investor.


Artist’s impression of Inmarsat’s I-6 F1 satellite, built by Airbus Defence and Space.


generated by the UK space industry from exports in 2016/2017


Labour productivity is 2.6 times higher than the UK average


UK share of global space economy in 2016/17

3 in 4

employees who work in the industry have a degree, which is higher than any other sector


direct contribution of the UK Space industry to UK GDP


wider UK GDP supported by satellite services

Growth in the UK space industry

The UK plans to capture 10% of the global space market by 2030 and offer investors a major opportunity to grow their business in the UK and then export to the global community.

Strategy and new regulation

New legislation and a robust strategic approach offer businesses the ability to build and launch satellites from the UK, putting us at the forefront of the new space race.

UK investment

In the UK, there are opportunities to create lower-cost and faster-to-market satellites, commercialise the data they capture and collaborate with world-leading research in the rapidly growing space sector.

Grow your business in the UK

The UK offers a commercially compelling opportunity for space, with an annual growth rate increase of 3.3% between 2014-15 and 2016-17, and 7 out of 10 organisations expecting growth over the next three years.

Thales Alenia Space

The UK offers a dynamic and highly collaborative space sector where some of the world’s most technologically advanced innovations are created. Through the talents and expertise of its space system engineers in Bristol, Harwell and Belfast, Thales Alenia Space is proud to contribute to the UK’s role in many important international space missions.

Next steps

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