Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy has been used reliably and safely in the UK for over 60 years. We have extensive experience of the full nuclear life cycle, from front-end design through to decommissioning. Today, nuclear power plants generate 21% of the UK’s electricity.


Industry has set out proposals to build a number of new nuclear power stations, and is developing future technologies for lower-cost, safe power generation such as Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

Research and development

UK scientists and engineers have vast R&D expertise covering every part of the fuel cycle and access to some of the world’s best facilities.


The UK offers the very best legal, financial and regulatory advice to nuclear projects at home and abroad.



currently generated by our 15 reactors


invested in the new Hinkley Point C reactors


Tier 1 contractors working on the new Sizewell C reactors


government R&D funding available for advanced modular reactors


invested in UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Science Centre in Oxfordshire

Decommissioning and waste management

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is responsible for the decommissioning and cleaning up of our civil public sector nuclear legacy, with an annual budget of £3.1bn. With 145 reactors set to be decommissioned worldwide by 2030, at a cost of £250bn, there will be many opportunities for long-term international collaboration on these projects.


The entire bulk stocks of historic nuclear fuel from the Pile Fuel Storage Pond has been removed, reducing radioactivity levels at the 68-year-old pond by 70%. By 2020 the site will finish reprocessing and move into full scale clean-up.


Magnox, which manages 12 nuclear sites in the UK, spends circa £350 million in the supply chain annually and demands the highest standards to support the safe execution and delivery of their work.

Low Level Waste Repository

The National Waste Programme was established to implement the UK’s strategy for the management of solid low-level radioactive waste from the nuclear industry. It is an industry-wide collaboration.

Hinkley Point C

The UK’s nuclear new-build programme is being led by Hinkley Point C. The construction and operations of Hinkley Point C will produce 3.2GW of low-carbon electricity, and create 25,000 job opportunities and 1,000 apprenticeships.

Next steps

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