The UK’s long mining heritage has given our modern industry its breadth of capabilities, depth of experience and strength of supply chain security.

Centre for mining finance

Listing many of the mining giants, the London Stock Exchange is one of the most important global financial institutions for raising capital. It also offers flexible listing options for smaller mining companies.

A global base

Many of the world’s largest engineering, design and construction companies are located in the UK. From here, they design and develop mining projects and related infrastructure across the world.

Experts for every need

The UK’s world class expertise spans the mining lifecycle from geology, mining and engineering to procurement and construction. UK mining companies are experts in professional services, including legal and risk management, as well as social, economic and environmental assessment and planning.

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market capitalisation of UK listed mining companies in 2019


finance raised for mining companies in London over the last 20 years


of the world’s top 7 mining companies listed on the London Stock Exchange


UK universities have mining and mineral research programmes


globally focussed companies in the UK mining supply chain

A cleaner future

Mining of technology minerals is essential to mitigating climate change, with much of the responsibility on mining companies listed in the UK.

Energy for every challenge

With the UK’s expertise in power generation, distribution, small scale renewables and micro grids, our companies are ideally placed to help mining companies develop their projects in a phased, sustainable and integrated way.

Essential water management

UK consultancies provide expertise to deliver water management solutions throughout the mining lifecycle. As world leaders in water purification, UK firms have modelled sustainable water solutions, including desalination and reverse osmosis.

Reducing impacts

With strong governance and clear human rights policies, UK mining consultancies minimise impacts on local communities and the environment. UK corporate governance experts can help manage stakeholders and communicate what a mine will deliver at the local, regional and national level.

Next steps

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