Cyber security

The UK has a world-leading cyber security market that is the largest in Europe. Our reputation for expertise, quality, innovation and trustworthiness makes UK companies great partners for your business.

Talent and skills

The UK cyber security industry employs more than 40,000 people. Our extensive apprenticeship and postgraduate programmes ensure a complete spectrum of skills.

Industry investment

There are many incentives to do cyber business in the UK, such as the government-supported Cyber Growth Partnership, market research from Innovate UK, and funding for growth from government accelerators.

Trusted products

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre certification gives you confidence that British products and services are effective against cyber threats.


GCHQ Building

Security and intelligence organisation

$5bn (or £3.87bn)

value of UK cyber security industry in 2018


UK government investment in cyber security


cyber security companies working in the UK


estimated global cost of data breaches by 2022

Research and development

From Ada Lovelace, creator of the first algorithm, to Timothy Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, the UK has a strong heritage in developing cyber technologies and is a hotbed of cyber innovation.

Outstanding research

World-class research by 17 universities in the UK has seen them recognised as Academic Centres of Excellence (ACEs) in cyber security research.

Global reach

The ACEs engage with organisations and universities around the world, harnessing and partnering with the best global talent.

Innovation centres

The UK government has invested in cyber innovation centres in Cheltenham and London to develop world-leading technologies and nurture talented small businesses.

Training the best, worldwide

PGI’s Cyber Academy specialises in UK government-certified practitioner training. PGI has trained trainers and built training infrastructure for government partners such as KADDB in Jordan and MDEC in Malaysia, who can now deliver their own cyber security training.

Next steps

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