The UK is known internationally for our award-winning expertise in delivering the world’s best innovative and sustainable airport solutions.

Global supply chain

UK companies deliver highly regarded services from consultancy and design, to engineering, project management, innovative equipment and operations. They are involved in the largest airport infrastructure programmes around the world, including Navi Mumbai, Singapore Changi and Beijing Daxing International.

Digital innovation

UK companies are constantly developing smart technology for future airport needs, including Building Information Modelling at the design stage and biometrics for a seamless passenger experience.

Championing sustainability

UK companies have an impressive track record in addressing environmental issues, including the reduction of CO2, noise management, air quality, biodiversity, surface ground water pollution and the efficient management of resources.


passengers through UK airports in 2018


countries that benefit from the UK airport supply chain


airports in the UK


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when UK airports aim to have net zero carbon emissions

Full aviation capability

UK aviation covers all aspects of the sector, from front end advice and design to equipment and operations. Whatever the requirement, the UK has the knowledge and skills to deliver.

A life cycle approach

UK companies have significant experience in the design, construction and operation of airports, including initiatives in air traffic control, movement of people, transit systems, security and specialist equipment supply.

Operational excellence

UK airports show that we can handle extreme passenger numbers with an impressive rate of efficiency and high standards of safety and security. International companies look to the UK for this kind of experience.

Leaders in innovation

The UK supply chain uses the latest technology to deliver value and efficiency, including in the built environment, clean technology, electric and self driving vehicles, sustainable air fields and air traffic management.

Next steps

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