Agricultural technology

The UK is at the forefront of agri-tech, from the science helping to eradicate Rinderpest in cattle, to the first ‘hands-free’ cultivation of wheat and barley using autonomous vehicles and drones.

World class science

The UK has highly-skilled talent and a proven ability to develop and bring to market new products and solutions to support global advances in agriculture.

Progressive farming

Farmers can draw on UK innovation to improve farming systems by reducing inputs, and maximising yields and profits, whilst having less impact on the environment.

Dynamic business environment

The UK provides a springboard to global markets by encouraging research and development (R&D) and innovation through tax credits, tax relief and patents, and its strong intellectual property protection.


value of UK aquaculture industry


private sector investment in agri-tech during 2018


tonnes of finfish produced from marine and coastal aquaculture in 2016

World class science and innovation

There are many centres of excellence in R&D in the UK, developing technologies to improve the productivity and sustainability of agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and forestry. This includes the on-site storage and processing of food and non-food products, and the care of pets and horses.

Animal science

The UK is developing products and services for farm animal production and pet care – including those for animal welfare, and the prevention, detection, characterisation, management, and treatment of diseases.


The UK is harnessing technologies and practice to support intensive farming of fish, shellfish, plants and algae in freshwater, coastal waters and onshore.

Plant science

The UK is breeding crops for cultivation by growers to produce quality food, fibre and fuel through the scientific study of plants, including their growth, structure, physiology, reproduction, ecology and pathology.

Next steps

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